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5 Ways To Care For the People We Serve and Supervise

5 Ways To Care For The People We Serve and Supervise        dan o’deens / 4.7.2024 The ‘quality’ of leadership.    According to the apostle Paul in Scripture, leaders should be above reproach, caring, not quarrelsome, not greedy, and capable of teaching God's word (1 Tim. 3:1-7). According to the leadership gurus of today, leaders [...]

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A Total Eclipse of the Heart

A Total Eclipse of the Heart Dan O'Deens - 4.8.2024 Today we get to experience a once in a lifetime phenomena.   A total eclipse.  An eclipse happens when there is an obscuring of the light from one celestial body as another body passes between it and the observer or between it and its source of [...]

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The Cross…The Grave…LIFE

The Cross, The Grave and His LOVE by DanO'Deens Without Faith it is impossible to please God. In the Old Testament Leviticus tells us the ‘life of the flesh is in the blood’ Without the sacrifice of a lamb in the OT, the sin could not be covered Without the Sacrificial Lamb, the perfect Lamb [...]

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GROWING OLD…LEAVING A LEGACY Dan O’Deens, March 15, 2024 I have been thinking about the ‘elderly’ these days.  The honest truth is that when you look in the mirror and realize the difference between what your mind tells you and what your body is capable of doing…you embrace that you are now ‘elderly.’ Are you [...]

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