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A Total Eclipse of the Heart

A Total Eclipse of the Heart Dan O'Deens - 4.8.2024 Today we get to experience a once in a lifetime phenomena.   A total eclipse.  An eclipse happens when there is an obscuring of the light [...]

The Cross…The Grave…LIFE

The Cross, The Grave and His LOVE by DanO'Deens Without Faith it is impossible to please God. In the Old Testament Leviticus tells us the ‘life of the flesh is in the blood’ Without the [...]


GROWING OLD…LEAVING A LEGACY Dan O’Deens, March 15, 2024 I have been thinking about the ‘elderly’ these days.  The honest truth is that when you look in the mirror and realize the difference between what [...]


DANO and GAYO NEWS:  We Are PLANTING Again!  March 10, 2024 “Breathe Life” is my mantra.  If you hang with me for any length of time or follow me on social media you will hear [...]

Who Is The Real G.O.A.T. ?

Who Is The Real G.O.A.T. I can’t lie…the GOAT narrative always leaves me feeling frustrated.  Who is the real GOAT?  You know it right?   Greatest Of All Time.  It is a debate that comes from [...]

Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs? The BONFIRE

Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs?  The Bonfire at Bridgeway What a privilege to be ‘present’ with the brave men and women who come each Wednesday evening to ‘the bonfire.’  You have no reason to feel [...]

War and Peace

War and Peace dan odeens   10.13.2023 The very word ‘war’ should emote something in our core to know that its root is evil.   Because we were born in sin, hatred and selfishness war within each [...]

Today Is A Good Day To Do Good

YOU HAVE $86,400 Bucks in your wallet.  Someone steals $10 from you.   How upset are you?  Are you messed up enough in your head and your heart that you are willing to throw the remaining [...]

Breathe Partners is a strategic partner that our church counts on when we think globally and wish to have an impact around the globe. Personally, Dan has been my “go-to mentor” for years. Dan is wicked smart and has the ability to see through clutter and chaos to find a path to effectiveness. Dan is a “truth-teller” and we can all use more of those!

E.Scott Feather D.Min., Lead Pastor of Gateway Church

Dan loves people, especially the misfits. His guidance is personal, authentic, and essential. His experiences as a practitioner, doing the work, is a treasure for young leaders who are setting out to make a difference in the world. His process of guiding people to clarity, construct and commit to their vision is why he is a Visionary Architect.

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