I love Easter.   I love everything about it.  I am always most intrigued by the deep love displayed by our Lord Jesus Christ.    Newsflash:   Jesus the Christ chooses to occupy a cross rather than a throne!  And this week we get to choose the same!   To follow Christ is to deny ourselves.   To follow Christ is to die to self.

Truth be told, I think ALL of us would answer the question with the word THRONE!    I am so thankful that Jesus chose to be counter-cultural!  He chose the CROSS!    As I look back at the Cross I am encouraged because of the HOPE it represents!   It offers Grace and Forgiveness and most importantly LIFE!      If you choose LIFE, you have to choose Christ and if you choose Christ, you have chosen the Cross! …  You in fact have chosen to die to self and your reward for choosing the Cross and Christ is LIFE!      Happy Easter Week!

Take the time to INVITE someone to hear the greatest story ever told in your church this week!