_200_350_book21cover1This Thomas Nelson product is done  with excellence.   Perhaps I am still a bit old school and don’t have the patience to sit still long enough to listen when I can sit down and enjoy the book.    Did you catch it…. I can sit still long enough as long as it fits my style and comfort.

Exactly why the New Testament and made for this Next Generation is perfect.   Kids download everything.  Why not download the Bible.   To hide God’s Word in our hearts does not require ‘reading.’   I am constantly amazed by how my own kids are capable of listening to songs on the radio and in a couple of hearings they have it memorized!     

Enter Word of Promise MP3!    The ‘actors’ chosen have done a fantastic job at reading their parts.   The voice inflection and dramatization is good and yet not over the top.    Best of all are the sound effects.  As you listen through the book of Revelation, the drama is escalated because of the background effects.

Only one negative note from this pushing 50 reviewer.   I downloaded the CD/MP3 files to my computer.  That was simple enough.   As the files were loaded onto my computer it was difficult to arrange the ‘order’ of the books from the many MP3 files that you end up downloading.   

If you are computer savvy and love to listen to books this one is a must.   Parent’s come to me asking me which version of the Bible should they buy for their teenager?   I used to tell them which ever one they will read.   Now, I can add to that comment…which ever one they will read OR listen to.