John 2:5 His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”
We at best are good at hearing what Jesus has to say.   I wonder how good we are at ‘DOING” WHATEVER He says?    We get all jacked up at knowing more and we feel a little bit haughty when it comes to our understanding of the text, but is that the purpose of the text?   Mere INFORMATION?    I believe the text was given to TRANSFORM us, not to inform us.   The only way we get transformed is to be in the text, study the text, meditate on the text, the DO what the text says.   If Jesus says to “do it” you can bank on the value of what He is asking you to do!    That would leave us with only ONE last thought:   We must focus on the word, “WHATEVER.”   Whatever He says, do it!   Not, whatever is convenient.  Not, whatever I think is fair.   Not, whatever fits my budget.  Not, whatever…add any word behind it!    Just simply….WHATEVER!   Complete Obedience.   That is what Jesus expects.