Well, now….I can’t really tell you that now can I?     Who’s going to fix the economy?  I love the thought of Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University expert.

The answer YOU are.  You’re going to fix the economy because your personal economy is up to you. It’s not Washington’s job to fix what’s going on with you. If you are waiting on Washington to change something, you’ve got a long wait.  The government doesn’t have the capacity to fix your problems. 

As bad as USA Today meant a recent article to be about what we think of the suffering economy and upcoming election, I think it’s rather encouraging that no one thinks that President Bush or Barack Obama or John McCain can fix the economy!  I do know of the one who is worth following that can lead us back and revitalize our nation and our lives!  (Hint…it’s not the candidate you will be voting for in November.   His name is JESUS!  

This may be the beginning of the biggest level of prosperity this nation has ever known if we don’t look to a candidate to fix our lives. How about we say, “I’m going to vote for the candidate who’s going to fix the nation. I’m going to fix my life.”

So when you go to the polls in a few days to cast your vote, don’t get caught up in following a political party or candidate without knowing the issues they support. Do your research so you can make educated decisions.  Pray for the PEACE of God to rule in your heart…then VOTE.   And remember YOU are the economy, YOU are America, YOU are the church!   There is no THEY….only YOU!