1.  That the Creator of the Universe Chooses to Use Someone Like Me!   Wow!  Really!  I can be such a screw up and He flat out uses me in spite of me.  Thanks God!

2.  That my Family Loves Me and Loves Jesus!   How cool is that.   I have a great wife that ‘stands by her man’ (by the way…I hate country music).  And I have great kids who are each their very own persons, but all of them love Jesus and are walking with Him.  Thanks God!

3.  That God is changing peoples lives!   I just love change and nothing gets me going more than to see people who once were walking in darkness now walking in the light!   Thanks God!

4.  That I have the opportunities to plug into my community.   I get to serve our community in the areas of my passion:  Working with people in crisis and Working with people who love God’s sport…Soccer!   Thanks God!  (By the way, one my girls from the team I coach, came to church this past Sunday with her family.  They are from Switzterland….they loved it and I loved having them there!  Thanks again God!!

5.  That life is an adventure and I get to wonder, and dream and Chase after those Big Dreams that God plants in my heart.  Thanks God!