10.  It’s a great benchmark

9.  It’s easier than ‘grace’.   

8.  It’s a thermometer:  It shows me that I am sick, but doesn’t make me feel better.

7.  Jesus’ came to fulfill the law…and now GRACE abounds!  

6.  Nobody likes rules and regulations, especially when they go against what my flesh wants!

5.  I enjoy the enforcement of LAW more when it concerns YOU than ME!

4.  The purpose of the LAW is to help and protect ME, not to harm me or constrict me.

3.  I am so prone to break the law.

2.  Jesus set me free from the guilt that I have felt when I have broken the law

1.  Jesus is the STANDARD.  I will keep my eyes fixed on Him….and follow and OBEY Him!  There is NO OTHER WAY.   Someone should write a song about that too!