10.  It’s SO Amazing!

9.  It’s enough.   (for everything)

8.  It’s so ‘divine/supernatural’

7.  God is for us…so who can be against us?

6.  God’s GRACE is a part of everything.  (Even in His justice, he is gracious)

5.  We are saved by GRACE

4.  It come free of charge.  It is a gift to anyone who believes in Christ and accepts the gift.

3. God’s plan for Grace is “Grace upon Grace”  He cannot be emtied of Grace for He is FULL of Grace and Truth.

2.  God has given me His Grace and if I want to be like Jesus then I need to be as gracious to others and Jesus is to me.

1.  Did I mention….His GRACE is so AMAZING.   Someone should write a song about that!