Today is a great day.   Today is the first day of the rest of your life.   Today our family began a journey to read through the Bible together as an entire family.   Not waiting for January 1….TODAY!

Reflections after my reading.   23 years ago, we named our first son, CHAIM…”to breathe life.”   3 years ago we named our first granddaughter CHAVALA…”the gift of life.”  This past month I added to the significant marking on my left arm.   For years it said, “Breathe CHI/Life”  It now represents dead bones coming to life.   From the dust of the ground our God created Adam.   From a bone from Adam’s side, He created CHAVA….Eve.   He breathed life into something dead and as He alone could do, he made it ALIVE.

Chavah embodies both the essence of life itself and the creative ability to grant that life to others.  Jesus said it this way, I am the light of the world…but His plan was that when we walk with Him in the light of His Word, we have fellowship with Him.   He then turns his light and shares it with us.  He tells us, “We are the light of the world.”

Chavah is not only the mother of life but also represents the experience of life. We have no life apart from the Savior, Jesus.   Apart from Him we are dead and have no life.  In him…connected to Him we have life.  In Him we move and have our being.   He is both the Written Word and the LIVING WORD.   We get to ‘experience’ Jesus when we walk with Him.

The marriage of the first couple, Adam and Chavah, is truly a marriage of the human experience and the human condition.  …And ‘sin’ entered the world and it brought death. But God.   Yes, I put a period at the end of that sentence.  That is all we needed.   GOD!   But God…is ENOUGH!

But God commended His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners He died for us.  He died, so that we could have life.   He created us to breathe life and hope into our world.

Will you TODAY….BREATHE LIFE into the spaces that God has allowed you to journey?