Blogging is not just a meaningless waste of time…a catch up on ‘facebook’ to hear the latest gossip or  tell people that which they really do not wish to know.   I will never forget a Canadian friend who told me they do not use the phrase TMI (too much information).   She said, they say:  “You have over-estimated my level of curiousity.”   I love that!

To the point…Blogging is therapeutic and a process that allows me to grow.   I think best when I write.  I tend to think better than my grammatical ability….but then…this is for me…and God…and YOU…if you wish to peak into my brain and see what God is doing in my life and in my heart.

Again….thanks to Erin….who helped me get organized so that I might be faithful again in something I simply enjoy.

Happy Reading.   You can interact if you wish…just know my desire is to be RIGHTEOUSLY RADICAL.