Tiger Woods Wins the 2019 Master’s Championship!

This EASTER…You can celebrate as a Champion as well!

This is a re-post of two blogs I wrote in 2009 and then again in 2012 when Tiger had his fall and then a ‘temporary victory.’   I pray this will be an enlightening experience far beyond the golf course.  This is not just a TIGER story….”let him who is without sin cast the first stone.’   This is a story of Redemption.

Did you follow golf’s perfect trophy of the last decades.  The scandal had nearly everyone watching the story develop.  Tiger won nearly everything, he had maintained a near perfect profile over the years….UNTIL THEN!   The cat is out of the bag.  Tiger is NOT perfect.  In fact he is human and all human beings are guilty of ‘transgressions.’  The Bible tells us that.  It’s a given….For ALL (including Tiger AND including YOU) have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Christ entered our world to save us as helpless sinners from our sins.   He gives us Mercy and Grace when we deserve Justice and Hell!

Interesting enough….Why is it that when it is someone else we want a HUGE slice of JUSTICE and when ‘we’ are found out we want everyone to understand and we want an equally HUGE slice of Grace and Mercy.

I was profoundly saddened by Tiger’s admission, but I am confident that he had started the process of being freed from the guilt he had born alone for years.  Forgiveness is possible.  Restoration is desired.

No need to crucify Tiger Woods.   Jesus was already hung up for our hang ups, so we can quit hanging ourselves up…and others.   He died for our “transgressions” so forgiveness can be possible.

Justice and mercy are served up together.   Tiger is no better or worse than any of us when we are truly honest with ourselves.    I want God and our community to respond to Tiger the same way I would want them to respond to me IF I were in his shoes.

A special NOTE TO TIGER WOODS:  You’re not guilty anymore!  Someone far greater paid the price of your transgressions.   Look to Him and trust Him to begin to put the pieces of your life and your family back together again.  It was great to see you hug your boy!….  That is what the Father was doing to you even when you chose badly…He loves you and He wants a relationship with you.  We love you to Tiger.  Your story is much like all of ours.  We all have stains.  @TigerWoods #tigerwoods

I continue to pray for Tiger….that He would feel the warm embrace of Jesus, the SAVIOR of the World…the one and ONLY one that offers real Mercy and Grace!  I pray that he will recognize the our Heavenly Father desires for relationship and that He accepts the real ‘prize’ … relationship and sonship with our Father.

…and Congratulations on a great ‘win’, but even that win is temporal.   I pray that one day Tiger will receive the big WIN and enter into a personal relationship with Jesus.    Past Life – Forgiven…Debt paid in full…Jesus!  Future Life – the sky is the limit.

I am in Tiger’s corner…cause I know Jesus is in his corner!