Have you heard it?   I have even said it!  “There is NO “i” in TEAM!   That is fallacious at its core.  It also undermines the uniqueness that God created ‘you’ in His image.   We have become worshippers of a sort of false pride.

We sing a song, someone comes up to us and compliments us.   We respond, “it wasn’t me, it was God.”  Funny, it looked like you, sounded like you.   I could have sworn that was your mouth moving to the music?  Wow…you are an incredible lip syncer!

There is a difference in being humble enough and gracious enough to recognize the team that God has put around you, but make no mistake.  If you take each ‘i” away from the team…you have NO team!

Give honor to whom honor is due!   Praise your team!   Choose to be a part of a TEAM.   But bring your “A” game to the team, because your team NEEDS YOU!   There is an ‘i” in Team.  Check it out below!