The UNSEEN – lessons from the Iceberg

Dan O’Deens – Sept 2, 2016


What is under the tip of the iceberg matters significantly more than the fragment of what is seen.


Are you a new ministry leader? Are you an entrepreneur? Be careful to ‘glory’ and invest all of your time in the part of your ministry or leadership that is seen by men.


The foundation and strength of your ministry has a direct correlation to the discipline and efforts that you apply ‘behind the scenes.’ This is HARD WORK!


The realities of the spiritual world are not visible to the human eye. We have to love the story of Elisha’s servant gets up early one morning and sees the city has been surrounded by an army of horses and chariots.   He cries out, “Oh no, my lord! What shall we do?   Elisha had the right perspective. His reply, “Don’t be afraid, those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”


Elisha then prays and asks the Lord to open the eyes of his servant so that he could see. BOOM! The servant opened his eyes and he looked and saw hills full of horse and chariots of fire all around Elisha.   Then, Elisha prays to reverse the curse and blindness falls on the enemy. God is always greater.


The point is when we focus only on what we can humanly see we miss the God Factor. When our a focus is on the platform or what looks more glorious, we undermine the labor of all of those who sacrificed to bring to fruition the beauty of what we get to see, the tip of the iceberg. But still, what is seen is only seen because underneath the surface is the foundation on which the tip of the iceberg stands.


Young man…young lady…young leader!   Life and ministry and success is not handed to you. You must work hard and diligently to enjoy the visible.   Hang in there! Work hard. Be willing to stay under the surface, in due season, GOD will raise your efforts up for His glory.   You may never get the glory from mankind, but know this…GOD knows and rewards those who are faithful and who work hard. I believe He especially rewards those who did it outside of the view of the masses.


Jesus did not invest in the crowds and masses. He invested in personal relationship with only 12!   He specifically and intentionally poured into 3 of those 12. He ‘loved’ only 1. Who is your 1? Your 3?   Your 12?   Invest in the small things and Jesus may surround you with a crowd. If you choose not to invest in a few, it is doubtful He will give you more!