OK…Are you thinking what I was thinking?  First of all Death is not even a ‘gift’ is it?   So…anyways!  Have you watched this incredible movie called “The Ultimate Gift?”  What a fantastic movie.  It is a sermon series for sure!  Without giving away the movie for those of you that ought to go out to Blockbuster right now and rent it, the movie is based on a series of Gifts:  The gift of love, giving, family, work, problems, learning, laughter and money.  I finished the movie…and thought…that was a great movie.  

But now I am thinking about the gifts!  As I think about ‘death’, I am reminded that death was a gift to us from God to keep us from living in the current state that we are in…Sinfulness!  I hate sin…I struggle with it, I am affected by it, I see its damaging affect on so many people.  

Adam and Eve sinned and that sin separates us from a holy God, in a holy place called heaven.  God gave us death, in fact submitted himself to it so that we could die.  Once we die to ourselves and accept His free gift of salvation, We are freed from the sting of death, and the penalty of sin.   He gave us death to release us from this life to LIFE ETERNAL!  Great Idea God!

Not that I am looking forward to death…it does however give me the HOPE that I am looking for when death comes knocking on my door.  “For it is appointed unto every man, once to die!”  

You choose LIFE…by choosing to die to yourself and Live life with Jesus!   I choose Life!  But to have Life…I have to Die!   You do too!  Have you made the right choice?