The SOUL of Leadership

by Dan O’Deens

Sometimes I think it’s all about positional authority or having people who I am leading.  There are 3 levels of leadership.  I lead those who are above me. (my Board). I lead those who sit under me. (my Team).

But the most difficult part of leadership is SELF-LEADERSHIP.  It is the real mark of Leadership.  It is less about ‘doing’ and more about ‘being.’

We are deceived when we believe that our desire to be used by Jesus is greater than our desire to be with Jesus.

Maybe you can take this week to meditate (focused thinking) on the heart and SOUL of Leadership.  What is God saying to you?


Integrity – Who am I when no one else is watching?


Intensity – How willing am I to sacrifice and die to self for what really matters?


Intelligence – What do I need to understand to improve my service to others?


I LOVE – How is my Passion for God and Compassion for people?

What do I need to do today to become what I want to be tomorrow?


(His WORD first word, His WORD last Word)

HOW TO “WIN” Today:

Well                What went Well?

Improve         What do I need to Improve?

Next               What will I do differently Next time?