Andy Stanley has done it again.   Perhaps the most trusted pastor on the planet.   Integrity, Communication, Leadership and Great Teaching have been his trademark.   A proven pastor and an incredible author.

The Principle of the Path is a book that typifies Andy.   Simply Strategic.   So simple that you can some up his greatest take aways in a few quotes.  “Lord, help us to see trouble coming long before it gets here.  And give us the wisdom to know that to do and the courage to do it.”    “What gets our attention determines our direction and, ultimately, our destination.”  

Of course he sets his book apart by letting us know the information in this book is not “self-help.”   The applications and implications are seen by us as we flesh out our lives.   The startling truth is summed up in his end;  “I hope you have a better idea of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.   But…as this book is closed, everything in your world will be exactly as you left it.   Knowing doesn’t make the difference.  Doing does.”  The decisions you make will determine the direction and the destination of your life.  Choose wisely.