John 12 is an incredible chapter on The True LIGHT.  How can one lead anyone to the light while they are standing in darkness?   Yet at the outset of this teaching, There is a great verse (8) tucked in here.   It is a verse of priority.    It is seemingly very relevant these days as more and more people are caring for the poor.   We should care for the poor, but there will always be the poor.   You SHOULD however, value the personal time that you have with your LORD, on a different scale.   That relationship takes first place.   Time spent with Jesus, infuses you with the Light of the World.   Only when He is ‘IN’ you, can He flow “THROUGH” you!   When we give and give to the poor or the needy of the world, we will soon find our sponge wrung out.   We need to get back into the Word of God, meditate and spend time with Him in the water of the Word, so that we can be filled back up with the Spirit of Jesus, so we can then be wrung out again…and again….and again!   It is JESUS and the Poor!

John 12:8 You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.”