the-noticer“The Noticer” by Andy Andrews is fantistically absorbing.  It forces the reader to see people in a different light.   Inter-personal relationships can wear you out.   Perspective can ruin all relationships.   Andy gives a fresh ‘view’ of people as he ‘notices’ the best in people.  He gives people hope and gives them time to work out the insights he leaves them as he “passes through their lives.”  

All of us enjoy the mountain top experiences of life. It’s the ‘valleys’ of life that get us down!  Andy says, “Everyone wants to be on the mountain top.  On the top, it is rocky and cold.  There is NO growth on the top and Why does everyone think that God wants us to always be on the Mountain top?  Sure the view is great, but what is the view for?  It gives us a glimpse of our next destination.  But, to hit it we have to come off the top, go through the valley, and begin the climb to the next slope.  It is in the valley that we experience the lush grass, rich soil and all the learning that enables us to summit life’s next peak. “

I love his definition on WISDOM:  “The ability to see, into the future, the consequences of your choices in the present.”  

Perhaps his most enlightening thought concerns CHANGE.   He says, “Change is immediate!  Instantaeous!  It may take a long time to decide to change..but change happens in a heartbeat.”    He goes on to say that “it might take a while for your reputation to catch up to the change you have already made.  If you have changed, show evidence of it.”

His outlook on people’s lives is refreshing.  He always sees the best and has hope for the people he ‘stumbles’ upon.   His bottom line outlook on life, “Keep your fork, the best is yet to come.”

This is a must read for anyone wishing to better their people skills.