THE MISSING PEACE – Christmas 2020

By Dan O’Deens

What holds it all together?  Or more accurately ‘who’ holds it all together?  The answer to that question is the missing piece!

Is something ‘missing’ in your life?   We were created on purpose for a purpose.  There is something more than the mundane.  When our creator uniquely shaped us He put eternity in our hearts.  He gave us something worth living for and maybe more importantly something worth dying for.

Living our lives ‘on mission’ gives us the opportunity to leave a legacy, something that will live beyond our finite physical life.  It is appointed unto man once to die.   We will all die, but what we do in this life will remain if we choose to invest in that which is eternal.  Our fruit remains.

There are only two things that will last forever; the Word of God and people.  People will either live eternally or die eternally, but God created us as eternal beings and made us in His very image and likeness.

The relationships we make with people has an eternal impact if what we share with them is of eternal substance.  What kind of seeds do we plant when we sow into relationships?   The seed that is eternal is Jesus.  Jesus is the Word of God and Scripture teaches us that the seed that we sow into the soil is Jesus.  Every believer and follower of Jesus is a sower of seeds.

The Church is made up of God’s children and His people.  Jesus has chosen every member to be on mission.   The seed (Jesus) is planted in your heart and you have a story to tell.   Go, shout it from the mountain, whisper it into a deaf ear, demonstrate His love to a world desperately looking for love and answers, searching for the missing piece.

When we think of the missing piece, the word ‘omission’ comes to mind.  O – mission!  OM_SSION.  Often I is the ‘missing piece.’  I either neglect or miss the opportunity to give hope and peace to the people in my world.  I find it interesting that the word mission is the central theme in the word omission.

When our story is about ‘us’ or ‘our church programs’ and we neglect to mention the name of JESUS we miss the point.  We are omitting the most important piece of the puzzle.  In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…and The WORD became flesh (JESUS) and he moved into the neighborhood.  He dwelled among us.   He came to us.  He is Emmanuel…God with us.

This Christmas realize that in you dwells the missing piece that can bring PEACE to people who are searching.  Christ dwells in the heart of every believer.  He breathed His life into us so that we could breathe that life into those who have no life.

The Missing Piece is actually a person…The Prince of PEACE!   His name is Jesus!  Do you know him?   He has come so that you might have life.   In Him you can have life and PEACE.

This Christmas be on mission…the Mission of Jesus.  Share PEACE and Joy…and that only comes from a relationship with JESUS Himself.