How arrogant and narrow really is the Statement:  “I AM the way, the truth and the life, no man comes unto the Father except through ME.”

One has to put this statement through the reality of the GOD-MAN!   The one who said that about himself sent that message, not from a lofty throne as a powerful king who was exercising his arrogant authority.

He had left the splendor of heaven.  He stooped down.  He came to our place of residency, planet earth and He is knocking at our hearts door, asking to come in.

This message instead came from a lowly manger, from a humble servant, exercising sacrifical humility.   He risked and ended up losing his life over that statement.

The TRUTH:  Your eternal destiny hangs on the thread of what you do with that statement.  Eternity hangs in the balance.  The choice is yours.  You choose life – heaven by believing in that statement or You choose death – hell by not believing in that statement.  The choice is yours!

Perhaps the most amazing theologically mind boggling truth is that the ONE person (GOD) who could make me do right…or chooose right…doesn’t!

I hope you will choose this day to follow Jesus!  He really is the only way, the truth and He so wants to give you life….in fact…LIFE ETERNAL – HEAVEN!