The Gospel According To Coffee

dan o’deens – 8.31.2023

Today is a good day to do good!  I believe that.  How do you get up each morning?  Do you have a morning ritual or rhythm?   I usually start my day pouring a great cup of coffee and meditating and spending time with God.  37 is my number.  Ezekiel 37 reminds me of the life that God has breathed into me.  (dead bones come alive)!  Psalm 37 is the secret sauce for life…”Trust God and Do Good.”

Do we wake up each morning with the Gospel or Good News of Jesus on our minds, hearts and most importantly on our tongues?   The demonstration and proclamation of the Good News of Jesus should characterize our lives…every day.

What is the Gospel?   I love the simplicity of the Gospel according to Mark in two thoughts:  1.  Mark 10:45 “For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.”  And 2. Mark 16:15 “God everywhere in the world, and tell everyone the Good News.”

How can we remember everyday to start with the GOSPEL on our minds, hearts and tongues?  Every timeyou pour that coffee…remember:

C    Christ

O    Offers

F     Forgiveness

F     For

E     Everyone

E     Everywhere

Today is a good day to do good.  Share the Good News Today!  Everyone needs Good News!