Run in such a way to WIN the prize.   I get so excited about winning!  Winning…not for ‘my’ glory, but for the glory of God.  Winning, not in a way such as to win the prize by myself, but to bring as many people across the finish line with me.    

This past week the farmer arrived on our property and harvested the beans and corn.   One day SOON, the Lord is going to come and harvest and deliver us from darkness to his glorious kingdom.   

The OT has a brief story about a deliverer and a farmer.  His name is Shamgar.  (Judges 3:31)  This farmer gives us a great picture as to how to use the Gospel – “the good news” for God’s glory!   He started where he was, he used what he had to deliver the people, and he did what he could.

Don’t let anyone in this race called life beat you in:  GIVING – Give Much;  LOVING – Love Much;  SERVING – Serve Much;  BELIEVING – Believe God for much.

Those tools are in all of our toolboxes.   How will we use what we have to accomplish His Mission for us?