I was just thanking the LORD for the Great Church I get to serve in and live in Biblical Community together with!  I am so in love with one of God’s greatest ideas!  I’d give my life for it…well…I kinda have!  The church is not a building it is a body of believers.  Here is what I love about my church:

1.  They are SO accepting.   Forgiveness can truly be realized here!

2.  They are SO fun.  Yesterday, in a drama, they said, “don’t let the door hitcha, where the good lord split ya”  I just rolled! 

3.  I love the music.  It connects my heart to God’s.  Keep up the great tunes…Jonny P and worship team!

4.   I love the ‘family.’  When life is hard, they pick me up.  An email, a meal, a kind word!

5.  I love their willingness to adapt to change as God navigates his church in an ever-changing culture!

Thanks CHURCH for being such a HUGE part of my life!   I love you guys!