gabbyjpeg.jpgWhat a great week to spend time with my youngest daughter.  She turned 16 this week!  I took her to get her drivers permit…Yeah Gabs…you passed the first time…quit sweatin’ it…you did great! 

Off to the bank to work on her accounts, then I got to take her today to have a procedure done on her hand.  OUCH!  The first time she has ever been cut…she is hoping it will be the last.   It was all better after we went to Dairy Queens for a Heath Bar and Banana Split Blizzard!

She is downstairs sleeping.  Hard to believe how fast they grow up.  I love her every bit as much today as I did the moment I first held her in my arms.  

It has been great to just hang around my baby.  In fact…I got to take both of my girls to Paris, France and spend 2 weeks alone with them on a missions trip over Spring Break!   I love my kids!  I will never sacrifice my time with them over my work or my ministry.    I love you Gabby…and I want you to know how much Jesus loves you and I want more than anything for you to arrange your life to live life with Jesus everyday, because without Him…you have no life…at least not REAL LIFE!    Happy Birthday!