An exerpt from a great book I am reading:  “I Became a Christian and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”  The author says, “I have a relationship with Jesus.  It took me a while to get to know him, but I grew to like him.  We began sharing life together in deep ways.  I’ve celebrated with him, and grasped for his hand when things were falling apart.  I have a great relationship with Jesus.  But sometimes I do life in such a way that I go without Jesus.  I don’t take the time to pray or to read the Bible.  I can go entire days not talking to or thinking about him much, if at all.  And when I go without Jesus, I wish he were closer.  It’d be nice if I could see him more.  I miss him.  But I CAN live life without him.  Things certainly don’t go as well, but not keeping him around doesn’t ruin my life.  Why not?  Because we have a relationship.  It’s a great relationship, but it’s just a relationship.”  

Wow…never thought of it like that!  I do believe having a relationship with Jesus is better than having religion with Jesus.  Jesus said, “ABIDE WITH ME.”   So I am in my mothers womb… and someone asks me “IF I have a relationship with my mother?  I suppose I do…but it’s way beyond that.  I live inside her.  I can’t live without her.  I am completely dependant on her.  I can’t do anything without her.  

So…for me…of course I have a relationship with Jesus.  But it is WAY beyond that!  I want to “abide” with Jesus.   He is my father.  His Son, Jesus is my friend…he is my all.  I want to start living life with Jesus.  Where he goes, I go.  I just get to tag along with Him.  OK…I am not attached to by the umbilical cord…but I am connected to the Vine…I am the ‘branch.’ 

So…it’s far more than having a relationship with Jesus…it’s…’where He goes, I go!’  I am hangin’ with Him!

I want to learn to “Abide In Him.”  Read John 15