SIMPLICITY  by Dan O’Deens

Why do we make everything so complicated?

There is so much information.  We feel like we have to explain everything and too often in one sitting.

Building authentic relationship allows for better dialogue and understanding.

The Lord preserves the simple.  Psalm 116:6

The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.

When I was pastoring and preaching, I felt like there was so much to say.   There was so much content.  True.  The hard work is not doing the research.  The hard work is making the complex simple.

Theology does matter.  There are libraries full of commentaries and theologies.  But let me illustrate what I mean by making it simple.  I am not recommending turning our theology into slogans, but I am saying SIMPLE is better and more transferable.

Theology made simple:

Love God…Love People…in that order

Trust God…Do Good

Passion for God…Compassion for People.

Let’s do that hard work of being simple so we can focus on the main thing!

Making the Main Thing the Main Thing….And the Main Thing is RELATIONSHIPS:

Relational approach


Laughter and celebration


Transformational not transactional

Inspire, Inform, Involve partners

Outreach oriented

Notice and reward others when they do well

Spiritual growth (be a doer of the Word)

Homelike (we are a family)

Intentionally working ‘through’ the local Church

Promote reconciliation

Strategic Follow Up and Coaching

In simplicity you will find peace.   Untangle the clutter and simplify.

You are the light of the world.  Let your light so shine before men.

Signed, your friend,  working hard toward a more simple life.