Today and Tomorrow I am going to post from some great men who have nailed down Purpose, Love and what is means to be Christian.  What do you think?  Today:  Purpose and Love!  Tomorrow: Christian

PURPOSE – Rick Warren – People need love, acceptance, meaning, purpose, forgiveness, dignity and significance.  They struggle with selfishness, fear, guilt, resentment, worry, boredom, and loneliness.  The solution is the same yesterday, today and forever:  Jesus Christ.   The church is called to 1. Know and love God, 2.  Love each other, 3. Grow in Christlikeness, 4. Serve God by serving others, 5.  Share the good news.  Jesus modeled that Purpose.  He planted a church, equipped servant leaders, assisted the poor, cared for the sick and educated the next generation.   My passion is to assist the church in taking on the world’s biggest problems: spiritual emptiness; egocentric leadership; extreme poverty, pandemic disease and rampant illness.   The church is the hope of the world.   LOVE – David Gibbons pastor – New Song Church 

  • loving without putting our acts of kindness on a pedestal.  Done in secret!
  • Loving without strings, unconditionally, no bait and switches.
  • Being unconcerned about being unnamed, rewarded, or repaid
  • Prioritizing the other, even in the midst of personal discomfort
  • Advocating for the undefended
  • Being a voice for the voiceless
  • Being better listeners to those who need to be heard
  • Being a church without walls- simple church; organic church; megachurch – it’s all good.  We’re ONE church.
  • Seeing the church as a home of the fringe, the misfits, and the marginalized, where these same people lead with real authority.
  • Being willing to die for others, laying our lives down like the first century Christians did when pandemics struck their cities.  They stayed to help while others fled.
  • Responding immediately to any global crisis.
  • Thinking of long term commitment to radical and sacrificial compassion for the poor.
  • Being a gentle conversationalist with the world.
  • Showing love for Christ more than love for Christianity as a culture
  • Creating a place where all are truly empowered, led, seen.  A place where the next generation finally reflects the majority, multicultural world.