To love the Lord your God with ALL your Heart, your Soul, your Mind and your Strength.   This is the basis of Primal and the basics of our faith.  The church has settled for mediocrity and Batterson makes us journey into the dungeon to find our spiritual roots and heritage.  While the church has become ‘good’ at ‘doing’ the Great Commandment, Primal sets the standard that we should pursue.   The standard is a passionate pursuit of being ‘great’ at the Great Commandment.

And to become GREAT at the Great Commandment we have to get better in the areas of compassion, wonder, curiosity and energy.  At the end of the day, it is easy to merely act like a Christian.  The litmus test is not to act, but react like Christians.   This more clearly defines what is on the inside of us.

Mark has a way of bringing us into his story through his detailed word pictures and statistics to what lies beyond the surface that will flat out leave you standing in awe of the Creator of the Universe, the Savior of the World and the real person who longs to live at the core of our being and just ‘hang’ with us.   In fact that is His name, Emmanuel, God With Us.

This is a must read for the beginning of a New Year!.   Put this one on your reading list and then make it your first read of 2010!   Truly a great book, but a man whose ministry has been marked by God!