These tools have given me the best opportunity to accomplish the dreams that God has laid on my heart.   I hope you will use them wisely.  If you fail to plan, you have chosen that your plan is to fail.


  • 6 x 6 x 6 and Ministry Action Plan

Ministry Action Plan /   the “6 x6 x6” M.A.P.

The most difficult task of leadership is leading oneself. Too many dreams are wasted due to the lack of goal setting and schedule implementation.   Sometimes the reason for little progress is that we don’t know how to do something. The major cause however is lack of preparation and self-leadership.

I must plan for the success of my ideas.   I must sit down at the beginning of each week, month, year and organize my life so that my vision and goals will be implemented.

In the next:

  • 6 Months “I WILL”:   (6 things) (Update 2x each year: Jan 1, July 1)
  • 6 Weeks “I WILL”:     (6 things) (Update 9 times each year/every 6 weeks J )
  • 6 Days “I WILL”:        (6 things) (Update 52 times each year/every Monday J )
  • Identify the task (VISION)
  • Rank the order of importance
  • Create Energy bursts
  • Create absolute ‘wins & successes’ along the way then celebrate!
  • Ignite them (IMPLEMENTATION)
  • Oversee them or have them managed by someone else.


Created by Dan O’Deens (revised)   11/2014

M.A.P.   Ministry Action Plan Worksheet – 20_______

Name: ___________________________________________________

My Life Purpose:

My Life and Year Verse:

My Top Accomplishment in the Past Year: (list 3)


M.A.P.   (Ministry Action Plan) (list 3 goals under each heading)










To pursue private purity and public charity/compassion. (James 1:27)