Pete Wilson is an incredible communicator.  Plan B is a book you should read.   Why is there so much unexplainable pain and hurt in this world?   How do we grapple with the reality of a real God and the reality of real pain.   There is a God and there is pain.   To many of us believe that IF we give our loves to God we will immediately be pain free! …Time for Plan B!

Just when you thought you had lost control, you come to the conclusion that you never had ‘control’ in the first place!   Most of us like to be in control.   Most of us live under the illusion of control.    God is large and in charge.   He is God and you are Not!

It often takes a crisis for us to realize our hurt and pain.   In every crisis there is the element of FEAR.   Your crisis will become less a crisis when you replace your fear of the unknown with a healthy fear of God.  In the middle of the crisis we feel as though God has abandoned us.   Yet the truth is that God is most powerfully present even when he seems most apparently absent.   Whatever your challenge….Whatever personal crisis you are going through….God IS present!

Plan B offers incredible encouragement along with great spiritual insight when life does not seem to turn out as we had planned.    Plan B will get your plan back in alignment with God’s plan for your life.    Truly a Great Read!