We can get “FLYERED UP” or PHILLIED UP! and become totally insane about our sports teams!  I personally am hoping that before my 50th birthday I will see Cleveland bring home at least 1 championship.   Go LeBron…bring us that Championship!   

God created us to WORSHIP.  The question is who are what will we worship.   We go to the game and give up incredible worship to the wrong god, then go to church and give weak worship to the right God!    We turn that around, we will see God like never before!

I was stunned this past weekend.   I arrived at Church and at 7:30 a.m. a bunch of Vans were parked along with some cars.   I approached them and yep….they were all having a ‘Tailgate Party.’   They were getting juiced up for Worship!   They had a powered speaker and were singing praises, eating breakfast and preparing for some of the greatest worship to the RIGHT GOD!   I am SO PROUD of our Team.   I love our Church!   

Way to get Phanatical About God and His Church!   I hope to see some great tailgating in the future!