I don’t know about you, but I a meat and potato’s kind of guy. Give me steak and a baked potato any day of the week. I love a great steak. As soon as the steak hits my plate from the grill, I say, “pass the salt.’ Salt is actually a taste ‘enhancer.’

Since the days of refrideration we know little about the primary purpose of salt. Although it is true that salt is a taste enhancer, its greatest value is that of a food preserver. That is why Jesus said, “You are the SALT of the earth.” To all believers we are the preservers of God’s values in a declining, decadent culture. We have been entrusted by God to be value carriers.

We learn from the story of Lot, that a little bit of righteousness (SALT) goes a long ways. That God is in no hurry to destroy a people that He loved because they were created in his own image. That in a city like Sodom that had a population of approximately 1,000. As Abraham negotiates with God over the number of righteous people in the city, he gets God to spare the city if only 10 righteous people can be found. (That is 1% of the population). Unfortunately, there was not even a remnant of 1% who were willing to be the salt of righteousness in their culture. Sodom is no more!

Then Jesus facing the crowds shares what has become known as the Sermon on the Mount. He looks at the people and says you are the salt of the earth. Your very presence when you stand for righteousness goes a long way.

Pass the SALT! Spread it all over the planet. Sprinkle it on your family, work, neighborhood, communities, both locally and globally. We need a whole lot more SALT in the world…but just a little dab will do ya! Because a Little Bit of Salt Goes A Long Ways.

Go Be The Salt because You Are The Salt of The Earth.