The truth has the value not culture or relevance.

Culture and Relevance isn’t worth dieing for or living for.  It is going to change.  And there are good parts of culture and bad parts of culture.  And it doesn’t matter if it changes because ultimately it is meaningless.  But TRUTH does matter.  It is the essence of life.  It is essential for Life.  Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life!.  TRUTH is the value. 


I don’t value Culture or Relevance.  I only value culture and relevance as a means to deliver and communicate the TRUTH and we need to value TRUTH enough to communicate it in such a way that we capture the world’s attention long enough to make a choice as to how they will handle that truth.

Jesus likened Truth with Water.  That in itself is relevance!  You and I cannot live without water.  No matter who we are, how important we are, what position we hold, we cannot live without water.  The reality is that without water, we die.  And the same is true for all of his creation!  No matter how important we think we are, no matter what impact we have made on this planet, we cannot live without the Water of the WORD.  That is Truth!  Jesus, said, I have come to give you life to the fullest.  Jesus IS the Truth!

Water is a great Symbol of Truth.  We all need it.  As a preacher I could throw the Truth at you week after week, thinking this is an ineffective delivery system. 

From the beginning of time mankind has had to figure out how to get water from the source to where they needed it,  in order to preserve life.  It started out pretty basic.  It started where God created bubbling springs and artesian wells, that was the source of water.  People traveled and worked hard to bring that water to the place where they lived.  Technology advanced.  Soon we had the pump and brought water into our homes.  We now have the modern day faucet. People could still go back to the well…but the TRUTH is, the pump in the kitchen is a better delivery system.  More people could drink more conveniently.

Water is the essential for life!  There is great value in relevant delivery systems.  How many are still hauling heavy water from the well?  Water like Truth is the essential for life.  The delivery system isn’t the value…Truth is the Value.  The key is getting Truth to as many people as possible.   Our job and it is hard work, is to find ways to take the never changing Truth to a people who so desperately need to know Him in new and exciting ways.