God went through a lot of trouble to tell us the Truth.  The world was wandering away from Him, not caring if He existed, denying his reality, so God went through the trouble of taking on the form of man and came into our world to reveal Himself to us, to represent TRUTH for us in human form, and in coming down, He captured the attention of the entire World.  He said, I have come to seek and to save that which was lost.  And with that truth, people had the clear ability to either accept or reject. 

I believe one of the reasons that so few people are having their attention captured with the truth, one of the reasons that people will not stop long enough to hear that they need God in their lives, one of the reasons why so many church parking lots are empty all over America, is because God’s people are not going through enough trouble to make their communication of the truth interesting.  We are not capturing the world’s attention even long enough, just to tell people that they need God. 

It is essential that we communicate with Doctrinally Integrity, but it is equally essentially that we communicate in ways that are relevant, or the Truth becomes meaningless to them, or unhelpful and boring.  D.L. Moody once said, “It is a sin to put people to sleep with God’s Word.”  If people are not captured by this life changing truth, because we have not worked hard to deliver it in a way they can understand it, then it is quite possible that they will walk away, saying GOD is irrelevant.  Church has nothing for me.  It is not helpful for my life.  I totally get the Holy Spirit’s part in this process, that our enemy has blinded the eyes of those who do not believe.  Therefore, our WORK is to pray for those who will hear the message and the do all that we can to bring that Truth in the vernacular and style of our hearers.