From Paris to Dijon!  What a fabulous part of the world.  Some of the best wines, and some truly great people.   Just returned from an incredible missions trip to encourage our mission teams in France.  Of course, I was the one who was blessed. 

The first stage of our trip was to meet the “Burgandy Team.”  The heartland of the best wine in the world.  (Also the home of Dijon-Mustard).   What a blessing to share with a great body of believers with the church in Dijon.  Pastor Frank is an incredible man.  I pray that God will use him to see this region become known not just for its wine but for those who will come to know the one who changed water into the BEST wine ever!     My two girls got to go to an elementary school and speak English to the students in their English class. 

Off to Paris.  A prayer walk and historical journey of God’s movement in a country that has seen many philosophers who have shaped the secular worldview.   A great time with our teamates in Paris.  Distributing Bibles at the University and eating and playing games with a group of young adults who have become friends to Rob and Nicole Plaster. 

Mohammhed and Sabrina became good friends.  We had a great dinner on our last night at a local restaraunt.  We will stay in touch.  Thanks for giving us a great time…and I pray that you will come to love not only the family of friends there in Paris, but also the God that makes this friendship special. 

 The Bible refers to Old Wineskins and New Wineskins.   Some of the best wine is found in the old bottles.  But NEW Wineskins are needed to continue to reach a new world of people who need to know experientially the Love of Jesus and come to an understanding that following Jesus is the best journey they can take as they explore their futures.

Thanks for all of you who prayed and supported us on this great trip.  I was able to pray with and speak with all of our missionaries in France.   Let’s pray for the Light of the World to shine LIFE into a city and country that needs another period of ‘enlightenment.’