Voltaire said, “Paradise is where I am.”   I am not intending to make a theological argument from the quote, but it captured my attention.   This past week, I spoke about the Cage of Routine from Mark Batterson’s book, The Wild Goose Chase.   (A must read book for those who desire to passionately pursue the Spirit of God.) 

I was captured twice this week by a statement.   One that usually is attributed to ‘just’ Moses.  But it was also spoken to Joshua!   “Take off your sandals for you are standing on Holy Ground.”    I am pretty sure Moses had his eyes set on the “Promised Land.”   Surely, that was the place of “holy ground.’   That is the problem of life.  “When I get there, then…”   And God is saying, not then, now.   Moses….right now!  Don’t miss it!  You are standing in my presence.  I am about to commission you with a task that will move people where I want them to be moved, and I am choosing you to lead them to where I want them to go!  

I love Moses’ response.  “Here I am.”    When we respond with a “Here I Am” and you are standing in the presence of Jesus, then you in fact are in Paradise!   Help me to be in Paradise all day TODAY!    

As Batterson points out, The Celtic term for the Holy Spirit is, “An Geadh-Glas” which translates, “the Wild Goose.”   So, it’s yours and my choice:  Today, Will I Choose to Chase the Wild Goose?