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My Cell Phone – A Prisoner No More

MY CELL PHONE - A PRISONER NO MORE! by Dan O'Deens - July 7, 2022 It’ so addicting.  If I leave home without it… I feel naked.  I feel unconnected.  Does my cell phone have [...]


THE MESSY MIDDLE Dan O'Deens / June 2022 The phrase ‘messy middle’ is a bit trendy these days, but it honestly reflects real life .   The honeymoon is glorious…the golden years are bliss (except for [...]


WHAT STUDENTS NEED TODAY Dan O’Deens, May 25, 2022 I was a Children’s and Student Pastor.  I taught Youth Ministry Philosophy and Programming and trained the next wave of Youth Pastors at a College campus.  [...]

UNITY not DIVISION in the BODY of Christ

UNITY NOT DIVISION By DanO’Deens Being well-intentioned is no excuse for Body bashing.  Unity in the church is vital to the success of the mission God has called us to. That is why Paul says: [...]


ARE YOU AN ACTIVE LISTENER by Dan O’Deens – April 20, 2022 Are you a good listener?   Listening might be the most important yet least developed skill within Church leadership.  We are so busy caring [...]


The fallacious ‘myth’ that ‘attending church’ makes you spiritually mature by dan o'deens This past week Adam Wyatt @pastor_adam shared this quote in social media. “Church, @disney may very well be coming for your kids but [...]

The CROSS, the Grave and His LOVE!

The Cross, The Grave and His LOVE by Dan O'Deens Without Faith it is impossible to please God. In the Old Testament Leviticus tells us the ‘life of the flesh is in the blood’ Without [...]

Setbacks Set Us Up For Progress

SETBACKS SET US UP FOR PROGRESS By Dan O’Deens – March 18, 2022 Your Setbacks Cannot Allow You To Sit Back Whenever you make a commitment to the Lord, be prepared to face the enemy’s [...]

Breathe Partners 2022 – DanO Support Team

Breathing Life Today Brings A Beautiful Future Tomorrow Thanking God today for you.  Your prayers, support, encouragement and generosity continues to make a difference around the globe in compassion, church health and church planting.  Thank [...]

Breathe Partners is a strategic partner that our church counts on when we think globally and wish to have an impact around the globe. Personally, Dan has been my “go-to mentor” for years. Dan is wicked smart and has the ability to see through clutter and chaos to find a path to effectiveness. Dan is a “truth-teller” and we can all use more of those!

E.Scott Feather D.Min., Lead Pastor of Gateway Church

Dan loves people, especially the misfits. His guidance is personal, authentic, and essential. His experiences as a practitioner, doing the work, is a treasure for young leaders who are setting out to make a difference in the world. His process of guiding people to clarity, construct and commit to their vision is why he is a Visionary Architect.

Sam Song, The Beautiful Future