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DEPRESSION in Ministry…It’s Real!

Ministry DEPRESSION is real! Mission can suck the life out of you. There are well intentioned dragons in all of our lives. Maybe it’s not life that sucks!  Maybe it’s the people we allow into [...]

The Church – The Hope of the World

The Church – The Hope of the World by Dan O'Deens The Church is the hope of the world when it is working right!  The Church is a body, the head of that body is [...]

BREATHE – life rhythms (part three)

BREATHE – life rhythms   (part three) dan o’deens Living a rhythm helps us shift from being church consumers or spiritual tourists, into being pilgrims, adventurers, and partakers in the body of Christ.  Simplicity is key.  [...]

BREATHE – life truisms (part two)

BREATHE – life truisms   (part two) dan o’deens We don’t know when we will breathe our last breath It is appointed unto every man to die.  Live your life today as though it were your [...]

BREATHE – life’s gift pt1

BREATHE LIFE a 3 Part Series BREATHE – life’s gift  (part one) dan o’deens I breathe!   Am I entitled to that breath?  Our breath is the ultimate gift from the Father above. “God himself gives [...]

The Age of Digital Church

God’s ways are always higher than man’s way.   What some mean for evil, God is able to use for good. COVID-19 has changed the landscape for the Church.   The Church never was a building or [...]

All Aboard The FELLOW-SHIP

Are you concerned about the unity or lack there-of that exists within the local church?  It grieves my heart to the core, it must break the heart of Jesus. Paul wrote to the Church in [...]


THE WHOLE PERSON “SOUL PARADIGM” By Dan O’Deens God is creative and although we are made in His Image, we are uniquely designed by the Master Creator. Your soul is your true self.   Your soul is [...]

Breathe Partners is a strategic partner that our church counts on when we think globally and wish to have an impact around the globe. Personally, Dan has been my “go-to mentor” for years. Dan is wicked smart and has the ability to see through clutter and chaos to find a path to effectiveness. Dan is a “truth-teller” and we can all use more of those!

E.Scott Feather D.Min., Lead Pastor of Gateway Church

Dan loves people, especially the misfits. His guidance is personal, authentic, and essential. His experiences as a practitioner, doing the work, is a treasure for young leaders who are setting out to make a difference in the world. His process of guiding people to clarity, construct and commit to their vision is why he is a Visionary Architect.

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