open hand leadership

Have you ever invested in someone that was absolutely destined to make a huge impact in your business or organization?   You hired them.   You poured into them.  Together you ROCKED IT!

And then it happens.   They knock on your door and drop the bomb.   They are moving on.   To them it is clear.  The calling or opportunity, the synergy and potential is too great to pass up.

They leave your office.  Your heart is on the floor.  But if you are a good leader….it is only on the floor for a moment in time.

The essence of leadership is a ‘stewardship.’   We own nothing (or no one).   We manage what has been given to us.   Parenting is a great example.  We have our children for 18 years or so and then they grow up and move on.   We cheer them on.

We MUST lead with open hands.  People do not belong to us.  They belong to God.  They are His handiwork.   If you give it away, it will always come back to you.

When you give away your best you look a lot like your Heavenly Father.  You look a lot like the earliest and healthiest church.  The first gives His one and only Son, Jesus as the perfect sacrifice and savior of the world.   The latter gives away their two greatest leaders to be sent out to share the Good News.

In both cases the Kingdom of God was multiplied.   There was Kingdom gain.

TODAY the Lord gave me the perfect gift and vision.  Two people that I have invested in for the exact same amount of time.   Cory Williams, my daughter and E.Scott Feather, an amazing leader that I have had the privilege to pour into.

Not long ago, Cory met Anthony.  They married.   She now serves on the worship team at Gateway Church.  Scott moved to Pennsylvania to serve with CPR-3 and me as my Senior Director of Operations.  He chose to accept the position of Lead Pastor of the Church I founded.   A little strange at first.

Today the Kingdom of God is stronger.  Cory led us well into the presence of the Lord with her special gift of voice.   Scott ROCKED IT!  His first official message at the church.  GRAND SLAM.   One Word:  JESUS.  It is all about HIS NAME.  Not your name, not my name, not his name, not the name of the Church.  ONE NAME:  JESUS.

Not one moment of the last 24 years has been a waste of time.

Cory….continue your focus and gaze on Jesus.  Lead people into His presence.

Scott…lead the Church well.   Follow hard after Christ.  As you follow Christ, His people (remember you too should lose your best or you are not doing your job well) will follow you.

Church:  Follow Scott.  He is a good man.  Except change.  Focus on Jesus.  Be like Jesus.  Sacrifice like Jesus.  And most of all, GIVE like your Heavenly Father.

Leadership is open handed.  To let go is to multiply.  It is team.  It is family.  It is right.