_240_1000_Book.88.coverMarcus does what he does best!  He sticks to his strength.  You would expect that from an expert “strength strategist.”  He is able to move our focus to identify our strengths and devise the right strategies to put those strengths to work.   He is a master at looking at the individual.  “Each person is born different.  You must do everything in your power to capitalize on this difference.”

His section on SIGNs of a Strong Life is a great guide.  Successful, Instinctively looking forward to tomorrow; Growing and learning and Needs fulfilled.  A great grid to put ideas, decisions and direction through!

The books ability to interact with helpful resources found online will help improve your serve as you pursue excellence in leadership and understand where your strengths lie.  Play in your strength and everyone wins!

A great book for self leadership.   Especially geared for women or understanding how women process.