Have you ever wanted to just ‘get lost?’   Are you feeling lost and a sense of hopelessness during this difficult season and year?

The hope of being lost is being found.  I have a Father, who pursues me, who loves me unconditionally, who is more interested in where I am going than where I have been.

In the moments where my transports me to feeling ‘lost,’ I am reminded that when I pick my head up I can see the light through the trees.  You cannot get through until you go through the valley and the shadow of death.   He is my shepherd, He leads me to still waters, He restores my soul.

I find comfort in knowing that I belong to a family that surrounds me!

I find comfort in knowing that I have a community that strengthens me and challenges me to grow through life’s circumstances!

I find comfort in knowing that even though I hurt, I can serve others who may be hurting even more!

If find comfort in knowing that I have good news to share to my family and community!

I find comfort in knowing that when feel lost, I can look up to a God who has overcome the world!

When I was lost, you provided a calm beauty and security knowing that you would never leave me or forsake me.  You promised to hold my hand, and to hold on, knowing that weeping only lasts for the night and joy comes in the morning!

Today, you can have a Father, who loves you and pursues you!  You can be found!   Pick up your eyes from despair and gaze into the Love that Jesus wants you to experience.   I invite you into a personal relationship with Jesus.  He alone can quench your soul thirst!

Lose yourself in Him today and be found!