Who wants to live life alone? Not me! I remember in college I took a class called Wilderness Stress Training. Now that I think about it…I can’t believe I actually paid and trained to have stress in my life. During that training I encountered one of the most difficult tasks in my life. We did a 3 day ‘solo.’ Our instructor took us to a remote place in the wood near a stream of water, he gave us 100′ of clothes line and a piece of plastic. He allowed us to take our sleeping bag, our Bible and a bottle of water. We were not allowed to eat and we were not allowed to leave the area. We were all alone! After three days, he picked me up with the others in our group to assess. I could not share. I lost my voice from talking to myself, singing….talking to God. I learned there how much I need God, but also others.

This morning I had breakfast with one of my elders and friend, Gary! What a great time. As we spoke I said to Gary, you know Gary, Leadership is stewardship and I know few people who leverage their resources for God better than you and your wife Lisa. Gary is a fellow servant and a great friend…I don’t want to live life without him.

Then there was lunch….PF Changs with my ABS partner, Mike Silliman. We do life together. He was once a member of our church, then leader in our church, the God challenged him to plant Elk Creek Church. I can go to Mike for anything, with anything. We exixt to spur one another on to greater Kingdom work! Also joining us was John Cremeans (and Gus), my newest friend. Another pastor of a kickin’ church not too far from us. 3 Pastors not in competition, not jealous of one anothers successes. Just lovin’ God and lovin’ each other. Way too Cool.

The I got home just in time to shovel the driveway with my two sons, Chi and Si. It was good to just hang with them. Love you guys! One of these days you will catch up to me and maybe shovel half as much snow as I do!

Well I just got done spending some more time with my best friend. Jesus. I love you! Thanks for Friendship!