Most “BITS” of my time are spent trying to accomplish the ‘stuff” of life.   I do and I do, I try to succeed.  I seek to win the prize.  I pursue excellence and am always seeking to check off my things to do.   At the end of the day when my list is done, there is a part of me that pumps my fist and screams, YES!   But the truth is there is an equal part of me that still feels empy and incomplete.  

So often I focus on the ‘tasks’ of life and blow through the people that God has placed in my path to serve or minister to.    I am learing the value of valueing people.   The tasks are menial compared to the eternal value of a living soul.  

I think I will be spending more time on Relationships and a bit less time on the temporal!

How is your Relationship with your God?  With your wife/husband?  With your neighbor, workmate or teamate? 

Only two things last forever the Word of God and People.