I just got back from JAMA Conference.  4,000 people.  3,999 koreans and ME.  (a bit of an exaggeration but not much).   What a joy to be in the presence of these dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  They are seriously excited about Jesus.  They know how to worship…let’s face it…David Crowder!   Of the 4,000 I would say 3,000 were teenagers or college age.  What blew me away was their hunger for the Word of God.   This community of believers sat for hours listening to some great Korean preachers but then also from Jim Cymbala, John Piper and Francis Chan. 

The COOLEST thing:   The entire focus was on the “Centrality of CHRIST.”  After all it is all about Him! 

So, was I the minority?   Maybe in the world’s viewpoint…but it’s not about me!  The focus of life is not on me…It is totally on Christ!   I want Jesus to be the Center of my Life!   Is He the focus of your life?