Well these are critical days, and so I think we “just” need to pray.  HELLO!   “JUST!”  Like prayer is our last resort.  We get to go to our Heavenly Father and ask Him anything that is on our minds or hearts.  When we pray, we need to pray according to his will and then Ephesians tells us that He desires to bless us ‘according to’ His riches.   Well…God is on our side and He wants to bless his children, so let’s ask of Him beyond our wildest imaginations.

Some things to seriously pray about: 

1.  Alene McDermott and Robin Criswell – Cancer

2.   Needed funds to finish our building (about $300,000)

3.  Our church plant (daughter) Elk Creek as they seek a place to meet.  They have ONE month.

4.  Our commitment to follow Jesus at any cost.   Let’s pray for eachother….

I prayed for all of you today!