Chapter 19 of John, the narrative on the trial and crucifixion of Jesus!   What a sad documentary on how a people can turn on their own with no real accusation.    A small rumor or jealousy takes root and stirs up the people and BOOM…everyone wants the head of the one who IS the Son of God.   He would be the Savior of the World.   He WAS the King of Kings and the King of the Jews, despite the Jews insisting that he was no such king.   Even the leader in charge on the outside looking in said, “what I have written, I have written.”   You may not ‘know’ Him as King, but in the few short moments I spent with this remarkable man.   He IS the King!

And then we get to the famous words of Jesus: John 19:30 Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.   What a way to go!   Having completed the Will of His Father, Jesus gives up his spirit.

Had the entire world recognized who He was?    Had the entire world repented of their sin?   Yet, Jesus says, my work is finished.   WOW!   Jesus and my job is to serve the commission of our commander in chief.  To accomplish His purpose in my generation.   When that work is complete, I can give up my spirit, with relieving sentence.  “It Is Finished!”   …and then I will get to hear, the “Well Done!” from my Father who is in Heaven!