Sunday after church, my boys and I got in the van and headed off to the Meadowlands to watch the best soccer team in the world.  USA vs. Argentina.   I am a HUGE Argentina fan.  Soccer fans are a bit extreme in showing their colors!   It is very clear who you choose to side with.   

At the start of the game the players come out in a ceremonial line up.   The STARS on the main pitch walk hand in hand with a young lad about 7-10 years old….HAND in HAND.   I said to my boys, wouldn’t it be cool to be the kid holding “Messi’s” hand.  (For those of you ‘non-soccer’ people….He is arguably one of the world’s best players.).   My boys and I talked…yeah…that kid will never forget that moment.  

Last night I was thinking.  I AM God’s child.   He is holding my right hand and He has promised that once I choose to be his child that no one will be able to pluck me from His hand.    What a cool thought.   The King of Kings is holding my hand.   That is way cool!

Isaiah 41:13  “For I am the Lord your God, who is holding your right hand, saying unto you, Fear Not, I will help you.”   

Are you holding the the had of your creator?