We often pray and seek the face of the Lord, sometimes He ‘seeks’ us and when He seeks, He finds.    Now the question will I ‘SEE’ what He wants me to see.   That has been the story of my past year.   God has been finding me out.   Searching my heart, even blinding my whole being, for the sole purpose of getting me to STOP so that I might See Him.   OK, LORD, I see you clearly.   I will turn and follow in the direction you are leading.

The other part of the verse is a bit interesting and also throws a unique wrench into the mix.  The people I choose to do life with…the people I travel with…my companions…my peeps, can and might see the same light, but they might not understand the voice of the Lord.  The reason is that sometimes Jesus speaks to the soul of the one He is trying to reach out to in order to see if our commitment to follow Him is stronger than our allegience to our companionship.   We truly do follow an audience of ONE.

Acts 22:9 My companions saw the light, but they did not understand the voice of him who was speaking to me.