Acts 10:26 But Peter made him get up. “Stand up,” he said, “I am only human myself.”

I know with leadership comes accountability and responsibility.   I get that!   What I don’t get is how people choose to revere even call someone that is human ‘Reverend.’   Ughhh!  Do you even know me?  I am anything but Reverend.   Please get your eyes off of me and on the one who is worthy of praise.    There is only ONE and His name is Jesus.  That ‘old’ notion or perception that the Pastor is to be more saintly…c’mon!  Get over it.   I am only human.   It is a privilege to be an under-shepherd.    But please….if I may borrow from the words of Paul, only “follow me, AS I follow Christ!”

How human I am!   I need Jesus every bit as much as you!