This will most likely NOT be my most popular post.  In the face of a historic decision concerning the sanctity of marriage and those who consider themselves Gay, we the Church MUST look and respond like Jesus.

I love that my Jesus did not come to ‘condemn’ the world but to SAVE IT.  I am first in line for a need of a Savior.

I love that my Jesus chose to lavish me with His unconditional love.  I am the first in line who needs the kind of love that is not ‘because’ or ‘if’ but truly from the heart of a Father who longs to have relationship with his son.

I love that my Jesus chose to sit in the house of a crooked tax collector or the home of a whore or can dwell in my heart that is often cluttered with the vestige of the sinful world that I have grown up in.   I am first in line for a true Friend.

In His presence people were ‘safe’ yet Jesus never condoned sin.   In His presence people were welcome, yet Jesus never supported the ideals of a fallen world.

Is it the worlds ‘fault’ that they are living in darkness, when the nature of darkness is that it is DARK?

The true problem is that the Jesus has extended to the Church the commission to be the LIGHT of the world.  YOU are the light of the world.  A city on a hill that cannot be hidden.  When the light comes into the presence of darkness, the darkness is dispelled.  ALWAYS!


JESUS is LOVE.   We have an opportunity.  We can LOVE or we can hate.  We know what is right.   There are two and only two spaces in this world; sacred space and desecrated space.   It is our job to redeem desecrated space and make it sacred.

How can we show people the light when we are standing in the darkness.  Hatred is darkness.   The Church has a wide open door of opportunity.   Let’s quit fighting the government and start fighting for the hearts of men and women searching for LOVE and Truth.

Are we surprised that the world does not know right from wrong?  Are we surprised that they look at the Bible as irrelevant and untrue?  Are we surprised that they see Christians as a joke and hypocritical?   Wake Up!  The ‘god’ of this age has blinded those who have not come into the light of the gospel.  They cannot see!

The decisions that men make have consequences.   I am perfectly content that the Jesus who loves me and has offered Grace upon Grace and cannot be emptied of Grace or Truth is capable of avenging evil according to His plan.   It is true historically that God can wreak havoc on our world due to sin as he did in the days of Noah.   It is true that God can choose to take His hand of blessing off of a nation, like He seemingly did in the decision of Roe vs Wade and taking prayer out of the public school system.

It is also true that His blessing belongs to him and is not ours to give or take.

We must simply be faithful in the commission AND the commandment to His followers.   The commandment is to LOVE the Lord your God AND to LOVE your neighbor as yourself.

People don’t warm up to haters.  People warm up to lovers.  People need love.

Let the Church rise.  Let’s BE the Church.